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Arvid Realty Services offering Fort Lauderdale, Florida FL homes for sale

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Arvid Realty Services offering Fort Lauderdale, Florida FL homes for sale, condos for sale
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Scenic Views of Eleuthera
Presented By Arvid Realty Services

Eleuthera, the Western World's first true seat of democracy was founded more than 300 ago years by English Adventurers in search or religious freedom. Eleuthera is the Greek work for freedom.

At 110 miles long and a mere 2 miles wide this hilly
isle became the "Birthplace of the Bahamas".
Eleuthera effortlessly keeps travelers near its pink
and white sand beaches year round. It also charms
travelers with colonial villages and pineapple plantations.

Eleuthera is 3-4 degrees cooler than Florida with
constant sea breezes. The temperature seldom
drops below 60 degrees or rise to above 90 degrees.
Most of the rain comes in brief summer showers.
The surrounding waters normally range between the 80's in the
summer, to about 74 degrees in mid-winter. The island is notable for its
unusual elongated shape, lots of seashore and many pink sandy beaches.

Eleuthera is located about 180 miles Southeast of
Miami and 50 miles from Nassau. It is about a one-hour
flight from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. There are many daily
direct flights to Eleuthera from Ft. Lauderdale. The trip
to Eleuthera is one of the most beautiful and amazing
sites you will ever experience from an airplane. The
views are breathtaking and spectacular. It never
ceases to amaze us and we have done this trip
quite frequently. Each time is a wonderful experience.

The Island has some of the friendliest people you will
ever meet. They are best described
as friendly, kind, honest. Their
way of life is very relaxing and stress free.
Nothing bothers them and they all take it as
it comes. I honestly believe that the longevity
of the inhabitants has to do with their laid back way of life and stress free environment.

In Eleuthera you have your choice of places to stay. There are hotels on the pink sand beaches that are of
course spectacular and then there are private houses or villas you can also rent on the beach. The choice is
yours. There is something for everyone.

Among other things, Eleuthera is known for its off-shore big game fishing. You can also snorkel from the many beaches or have a guide take you to the reefs. You can dive among snappers, grunts, silvery margate fish and barracuda and so much more.

Cotton Bay Club golf course located on the island is currently the only Robert Trent Jones designed golf course in the Bahamas. With 18-holes, 72 par, 7,000 yards. This course was voted, in 1989 as one of the 131 best golf courses in the world! It is slightly frayed at the edges but still maintains it top flight quality, as well as oceanfront hole.

The island has quite a few good restaurants set in their laid back atmosphere. If you are not in a rush, which you should not be once in Eleuthera just sit back and enjoy the hospitality of the island people and their good Bahamian cooking. Once in the island you must try the Conch one of their specialties.

See Senic Views of Eleuthera

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